Key funding challenges for South African SMEs

This report is based on data gathered through interviews with 100 South African SMEs from across South Africa. It aims to provide accurate insights into the current funding challenges faced by South African SMEs: how likely they are to seek funding, where they generally turn to for funding, what that funding will be used for, and what challenges they experience along the way.

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  Top priorities for SME survival in the next 6 months

  The biggest challenges for business owner

  Funding: Needs, Access, Experience


Trevor Gosling“I believe access to adequate and flexible funding is the number one priority for South African SMEs over the next six months. The results from our survey showed that access to credit is the single biggest business challenge South African SMEs face today, with a further 33% listing cash flow management as a primary challenge.”  Trevor Gosling, CEO of Lulalend

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